Corporate Fighter Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit?

The Corporate Fighter program is open to anyone aged between 21 and 55 who have not previously fought as an amateur or professional.

Will I get hurt?

Although Corporate Fighter takes participant safety very seriously, boxing is a physical, combat sport and injuries can happen. Your training program is structured to ensure boxers progress at a rate that limits the potential for injury. Your referees are taught to be extra cautious and there is a doctor at every fight.

Do I need to be fit to begin with?

Although it will most definitely help, a high level of fitness is by no means required. Boxing is a tough sport requiring specialist fitness, which we will help you develop over the 8 weeks. By Fight Night you will be in the best shape of your life.

What can I expect at training?

Training is structured to build your fitness and boxing ability so that you’re ready for Fight Night. The group training sessions are a mixture of circuit training, interval training and boxing skills and technique. When skill levels allow, full contact sparring is introduced. The sessions are tough and challenging but also lighthearted and fun. The camaraderie is great and groups generally form strong friendships that last well beyond Fight Night and the realms of the ring.

Can I use my own boxing gear?

Of course! Although all the specialist equipment you need is supplied, many participants choose to buy their own boxing gloves, boots, skipping ropes and even headgear to train in. All boxers will need to purchase a mouthguard as no sparring is allowed without one.

Do I have to get in the ring and spar?

Sparring is necessary in order to prepare a boxer for what they can expect on Fight Night. We will build your boxing skills to a level where you will be able to spar safely and proficiently.

This level is usually reached after a minimum of 4 weeks of training, by which time most boxers are itching to get into the ring! All sparring sessions are closely supervised by our trainers and are always conducted with adequate protective equipment.

How are the fights judged?

Judges score on a 10-point scoring system.

After each round judges will award 10 points to the most dominant boxer and depending on the performance of the opponent they will be awarded either 9 or 8 points.

These points are reflective of the overall round – NOT the individual punches. Points are never displayed throughout the fight and only the decision is announced.

Where the referee sees fit he/she can take away a point or two for an intentional foul and the same can happen for unintentional ones too. The referee also has the ability to give a fighter a standing 8 count. If three standing 8 counts are awarded over the duration of the fight, the fight will be stopped.

How are fights matched?

Matching takes into account weight, age, gender, experience and ability. It is our aim to match as evenly as possible to provide the best fights on the night.

Can I bring my clients to the event?

Absolutely. Many friendships and commercial relationships have been made through networking at Corporate Fighter events. The corporate aspect of what we do is very important and as such we ensure the Fight Night environment is one that appeals to high-income professionals. Corporate Fighter events are also the perfect opportunity for you to deliver your brand message to receptive participants and audience in a dynamic environment.

What if I can’t make the training?

Boxers are expected to attend all 5 group sessions per week although we appreciate that with work and personal commitments this won’t always be possible. If you miss a session it’s no big deal, but we advise that you make up for it with additional training. Many participants supplement the group sessions with their own training and additional one-on-ones with the Corporate Fighter trainers.

Who sanctions the events?

All Corporate Fighter events are sanctioned by USA Boxing. USA Boxing rules and regulations are strictly adhered to with the only difference being the heavier 16 oz gloves used in Corporate Fighter fights.

Do I need some previous boxing experience?

Not at all. Most of our participants have had no previous boxing experience other than the odd boxercise class. Remember, you signed up to learn how to box, not demonstrate what an accomplished fighter you already are.

How often should I be training?

The five group sessions a week should be viewed as the bare minimum as we strongly encourage participants to also train of their own accord. Depending on where your fitness is to begin with, we recommend starting with five training sessions per week.

Your Corporate Fighter trainers are always on hand to advise on all training matters, as well as for additional Personal Training sessions if desired.

When do tables go on sale?

Tables are effectively available to purchase as soon as the Corporate Fighter program starts. Unfortunately, the event can only accommodate 16 ringside tables so we advise purchasing tables early to avoid any disappointment.